The Supreme Mufti’s festive sermon, dedicated to the «Kurban-Bayram»

 The Supreme Mufti’s festive sermon, dedicated to the «Kurban-Bayram» 10.04.2014

بسمه العزيز الجبار حسبي الله لا اله الا هو عليه توكلت وهو رب العرش العظيم

Al-hamdu lilyah!

Glory to Allah – the Lord of the worlds!

Let be all the time our praise, prayer and gratitude to the Almighty Creator, He pays thousandfold for prayer in the holy Kaaba, He blessed it with peace and has prescribed a pilgrimage to His first temple in Holy Mecca and in the whole world – Hajj is one of the five fundamentals of Islam, it is obedience to Him - the Almighty and Merciful!

We hearty greet and ask boundless mercy of Allah to His Messenger Muhammad al-Mustafa (s.a.s.), who taught us to turn our faces to the First Temple of God  – to forbidden for any sins and dishonour Mosque, and to turn hearts, prayers, hopes and aspirations only to Him – The Eternal Lord of the worlds!

We greet and ask and mercy of Allah to Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses and Jesus and all His messengers and prophets, who was bringing generous gift of the Creator – the Word of God, the true faith, during thousands years to the whole of humanity!

We also greet venerable friends and companions of Prophet, all the righteous and holy, who left the worthy example of piety and happiness to the human race for centuries!

And we also greet all of us, and those who seek to find joy in this life and bliss in eternity in endless world!

Dear compatriots, faithful brothers and sisters!

I greet all those who came to the sacred abodes of Allah – to the mosques, who came here at the call of their hearts and faith, who came to clear their souls by sincere prayer in the ranks of faithful Muslims, by gratitude to the Lord... And I also greet those who have not yet found the time or the way to the temple of God, all of you, my dear, I cordially welcome:

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

Peace be upon you, mercy of Allah the Merciful and His blessings in this and in the eternal worlds!

I sincerely congratulate you on the blessed holiday «Kurban Bayram» of 1435 year from Hijrah! Let it come with full bounty and goodness of the Creator in response to the good hopes and aspirations, with peace and happiness of the people of our vast country, all over the world and of the human race!

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin The President of the Russian Federation congratulated all of us, the Muslims of Russia, on this blessed occasion. It is said in his message:

«I heartily congratulate you on the one of the most revered Muslim holidays – «Kurban-Bayram», which marks the end of the pilgrimage to the holy places.

For the centuries this celebration has been bringing people closer together, it is imbued with good and pure feelings, it has been serving for adoption of social ideals of goodness and mercy, it has been bringing up respect for religious beliefs and traditions.

It is gratifying that the Muslim community in Russia is actively involved in public life of the country, develops a broad charitable, educational activities, pays relentless attention to strengthening family values. Muslim community makes a significant contribution to the maintenance of inter-religious and inter-ethnic harmony.

Once again – I congratulate you on holiday! I wish you health, happiness, peace and prosperity!»

Congratulations of Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev the Prime Minister of Russian Federation:

«Please accept my heartfelt congratulations to the main Islamic holiday «Kurban Bayram» («Eid al-Adha»)!

Muslims of Russia meet this holiday with the lightest feelings, retaining their best traditions. In these happy for all followers of Islam days I want to note your contribution to charity, education of youth, resisting attempts of spreading of radical and extremist ideas, alien to the Russian Ummah. You do a lot for development of constructive interaction between government and Muslim communities, for improving the religious education and preservation of cultural heritage, and also for organization of the pilgrimage to the holy sites in Mecca and Medina.

I am sure that the celebration of «Kurban-Bayram» will continue to contribute to strengthening of interreligious and interethnic consent, to approval ideals of mutual understanding and respect in our society. I wish you good health and all the best!»

Congratulations of Mikhail Viktorovich Babich the Plenipotentiary of the President of Russian Federation in the Volga Federal District:

«Dear Sheikh-ul-Islam, Grand Mufti Talgat Safa Tajuddin!

I heartily congratulate you and in your person all the faithful Muslims, who are united by the occasion of «Kurban Bayram»!

Central Muslim Spiritual Board of Russia does religious work based on historical traditions, it is essential for the strengthening of civil consent, for the development of ethno-religious dialogue in the regions of the Volga Federal District and the Russian Federation as a whole.

I sincerely wish you and all the Muslims good health, prosperity and all the best!»

Congratulations of Rustem Zakievich Khamitov the President of the Republic of Bashkortostan:

«I heartily congratulate you on the bright holiday «Kurban Bayram»!

For centuries it reflects the moral values ​​of Islam, links modernity with the rich history and culture of the peoples of the Muslim world. These days every believer turns his thoughts and feelings to light – to mercy and justice, to empathy and care for their neighbours.

Multifaceted activities of the Muslim Ummah of Bashkortostan are focused on good deeds. Today, new mosques are being built, the system of religious education is being improved. Every year, Muslims go to hajj, pray in mosques for the welfare of our native land. Muslim of our republic make a significant contribution to the strengthening of family ties, to the development of charity, to the countering any manifestations of extremism and intolerance.

«Kurban Bayram» is always celebrated widely and sincerely in our republic. Muslims carry out the ritual sacrifice, treat needy, visit relatives, friends and loved ones. It is remarkable that the younger generation also honours these traditions.

I sincerely wish you, your family and friends good health, prosperity and peace, success in all your good deeds!»

Congratulations of Rustam Nurgalievich Minnikhanov the President of the Republic of Tatarstan:

«Please accept the warmest congratulations of Tatarstan people and my on the occasion of the blessed holiday «Kurban Bayram». These bright and dear to every Muslim days are real feast of spiritual rebirth, the triumph of high moral ideals of love and kindness, mercy and justice.

May the joy of these days inspire all of us to cohesive creative labour for peace, inter-ethnic harmony and unity of civil society, for the benefit of strengthening and comprehensive development of the country.

I wish you and all Russian Muslims good health and inexhaustible vitality, happiness and spiritual harmony and success in all charitable deeds!»

Warm congratulations on this great holiday were also received from the heads and governors of many regions of Russia, State Duma deputies, public and religious organizations, companies and enterprises of our country, and abroad, from the heads of diplomatic missions of Muslim countries, the heads of regional offices of the Central Muslim Spiritual Board of Russia (CMSB of Russia) and its parishes.

We express our sincere gratitude to all of them and pray to the Almighty for strengthening the fraternal cooperation of all peoples and followers of traditional religions of our country in the name of peace and harmony, spiritual and moral revival, for power and prosperity of our one Motherland, saved by God!

We pray to God for sending blessed help, courage and fortitude to heads and leaders of our country, to all those who are close to aspirations of people, unity, indivisibility, prosperity, peace and serenity of our great Motherland – Russia!

Dear brothers and sisters!

Today we celebrate «Kurban-Bayram» along with more than a billion of our faithful brothers and sisters – Muslims of the world. This is the Feast of Sacrifice «from what Allah has given» and for the pleasure of the Almighty God. This is the holiday of striving for the Lord's mercy through mercy and compassion, love and virtue to the near and far people, restoration of the bonds of brotherhood and good neighbourliness with all people.

ولكل أمة جعلنا منسكا ليذكروا اسم الله على ما رزقهم من بهيمة الأنعام فإلهكم إله واحد فله أسلموا وبشر المخبتين (34) الذين إذا ذكر الله وجلت قلوبهم والصابرين على ما أصابهم والمقيمي الصلاة ومما رزقناهم ينفقون (35 (سورة الحج)

«And for all religion We have appointed a rite of sacrifice that they may mention the name of Allah over what He has provided for them of sacrificial animals. For your god is one God, so to Him submit. And, O Muhammad, give good tidings to the humble before their Lord. Who, when Allah is mentioned, their hearts are fearful, and to the patient over what has afflicted them, and the establishers of prayer and those who spend from what We have provided them ...» (Al-Hajj, 34-35)

Indeed, we are rejoiced by this good message, we bring a sacrifice, share a celebratory meal with poor and orphans, relatives, neighbours and suffering, because we wish to comprehend the true meaning of this great ceremony and to express our obedience to the Creator and to what He commanded. We strive for God, for His mercy and blessings.

But how can we qualify for the grace of God by sacrifice of a sheep, cow or camel? And whence did this rite come?

After all, the Supreme Lord of all creatures – God himself warns in the Koran:

لن ينال الله لحومها ولا دماؤها ولكن يناله التقوى منكم كذلك سخرها لكم لتكبروا الله على ما هداكم وبشر المحسنين (37)

«... Their meat will not reach Allah, nor will their blood, but what reaches Him is piety from you» (Surah «Al-Hajj», verse 37).

Zaid ibn Arqam the fellow campaigner of the Prophet (s.a.s.) asked him: «O Messenger of Allah, what is this sacrifice?» – And he answered: «It is custom and ritual of your forefather Ibrahim  – Abraham!»

Our holiday «Kurban-Bayram» is custom and ritual from ancient times of Abraham.

Ancient Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham, peace be upon him) reached old age, and he had no children. And he gave a vow to God that if the Almighty Creator would give him children, he would dedicate first children to God! Several times he saw in dream that he was sacrificing his eldest son, he remembered his vow and determined to fulfil it. And he was ready to sacrifice his son. But could the supreme creation of the Creator be sacrificed? No! A thousand times no!!!

إن هذا لهو البلاء المبين )106( وفديناه بذبح عظيم )107( سورة الصافات

«Indeed, this was the clear trial. And We ransomed his sun with a great sacrifice, lamb of Paradise» – says the Lord (al-Saffat verse 106-107).

So this rite of sacrifice remained since ancient Prophet Abraham, the rite of the bounties bestowed by God and of gratitude to Him for the forgiveness of our first parents Adam and Eve, for the benefits and joys of life, in the atonement of our sins.

And to dedicate children to God, of course, means to teach them to live godly, humanly, as our Lord prescribed! After all, He is the Almighty and the Creator – He could continue making us out of the dust, out of clay or ribs as our foremother Hawa – Eve. But He is the All-Merciful and Most Merciful.

ومن آياته أن خلق لكم من أنفسكم أزواجا لتسكنوا إليها وجعل بينكم مودة ورحمة إن في ذلك لآيات لقوم يتفكرون (21) الروم

«And of His signs is that He created you from dust; then, suddenly you were human beings dispersing throughout the earth. And of His signs is that He created for you from yourselves mates that you may find tranquility in them; and He placed between you affection and mercy. Indeed in that are signs for a people who give thought» (Rum - verses 20,21).

The Lord made our forefather Adam and foremother Eve with love and mercy, and by the great divine providence He added to this tender affection, mercy and selfless love of parents for procreation of the human race, each parent with amazement finds particles of himself, a reflection of his own in their favourite child. This is God's providence, of His signs and secrets. This is creation. Surely the Creator is the Lord and we are accomplices of this blessed creation. And it gives us joy and meaning of life, faith in the eternity of life. But undoubtedly it imposes a great responsibility before the Creator and before the entire human race for succession of generations, for raising children, who deserves the title «God's representative on the Earth», for raising them with faith, hope and love!

Aren’t all people, each person on this earth, the whole human races the children and grandchildren of our forefather Adam and foremather Eve? Aren’t we related, aren’t we brothers and sisters? Aren’t we one huge family – the whole human race, all of humanity, all the nations?

«O mankind, indeed We have created you from male and female and made you peoples and tribes that you may know one another. Indeed, the most noble of you in the sight of Allah is the most righteous of you. Indeed, Allah is Knowing and Acquainted (of all that you are doing)» (al-Huzharat, verse 13) – Says Almighty God, our Creator.

Therefore, family is the fundamental and support of all nations and tribes, nations and states, of all humanity. And word family (in Russian) means seven times «I» – father, mother and five children! And how is it? It is especially actual in our vast country – Russia, where the Lord Almighty brought together more than a hundred people in a single family! Our Fatherland is huge, God saved our country! Its is immense and has untold riches. And there are a lot of those in this world who desire our treasures with envy and longing.

But our population in Russia is only 145 million! If there is one child in a family, it is only a loss. If there are two children, then they just replace the parents! And then there are such scourges of our time as rampant alcohol, drugs and other dopes.

Motherland! God has given us huge, immense and blessed Motherland and its name is Russia! Our children and grandchildren, and generations which will come, God willing, will grow and live here. We will multiply, raise children and grandchildren, love them, nurture them to live godly, to do pleasing to God and people deeds, to love God and Fatherland not only to believe, to be proud of Motherland and cherish like the apple of its eye. We have only one Motherland – Mother Russia and it is united, Glory to God! It is beautiful and wealthy!

ولا تقتلوا أولادكم خشية إملاق نحن نرزقهم وإياكم إن قتلهم كان خطئا كبيرا (31) ولا تقربوا الزنا إنه كان فاحشة وساء سبيلا (32) الإسراء

«... And do not kill your children for fear of poverty. We provide for them and for you. Indeed, their killing is ever a great sin»

«And do not approach unlawful sexual intercourse. Indeed, it is ever an immorality and is evil as a way» (Isra 31-32) – warns us Merciful Creator in the Holy Quran.

Such Creator’s trial to his beloved Abraham, the second father of all nations of the earth was the reason for our holiday «Kurban Bayram» and for sacrificing a lamb. And we have in it an important lesson and a warning. Because this is trial on sincerity of faith for pastor, on the fortress of will. At the same time it is proof of dignity of a man and his value. Is lamb more expensive delight to heart than a child? Almighty Creator – God has never commanded to sacrifice his supreme creation – a human! And homicide, forcible termination of human’s life is considered as the gravest crime before God.

After all, if one man raises his hand on another, the blood will be shed ... It is a disaster!!! The whole world was created for human’s sake and he must be God's representative here. If human raises a hand on the same, as himself – on a man, then he is against God ... As if he felt cramped in God's world. There is the eternal law of God:

من قتل نفسا بغير نفس أو فساد في الأرض فكأنما قتل الناس جميعا ومن أحياها فكأنما أحيا الناس جميعا

(32) سورة المائدة

«Whoever kills a soul unless for a soul or for corruption done in the land - it is as if he had slain mankind entirely. And whoever saves one - it is as if he had saved mankind entirely», – so the Lord approved.

After all, human is a vicar of God. The whole world is for him. You should entrench yourself, embellish the Earth, grow wheat and children, make houses ... The whole world was created for us by the Almighty Creator. Therefore man is the crown of God's creation, he is a miracle!

And taking care of the spiritual and moral education of our children, the preservation of tradition and continuity of generations is sacred duty of parents. As the Prophet Muhammmad (peace be upon him) taught: «First of all give a nice, decent name to your child, then bring him up, and then marry. If you have a daughter it is the supreme duty of parents, father and mother, to give her in marriage!» And there is enough time for it, because 1/3 of human’s life runs in family, in preparations for present life and fulfilment of human’s destiny.

Condition of society and state, its progress, development and prosperity depends largely on spiritual and moral state of family, on amount of love and affection, kindness and cordiality, which was given to a child.

After all, our grandparents, distant ancestors were growing 7-8 and sometimes more than a dozen children even wearing sandals, working with a plow without tractors and combines, sitting at home with a torch or candle, oil and gas and other delights of modern life. They were bringing up entire platoons of grandchildren – worthy sons and daughters of our Motherland. There was no maternal capital or pensions. And the Almighty God saved our beloved motherland through them, and for them from the troubles and tribulations, invasions and misfortunes. But if it is deserted, and nobody glorifies Him there and nobody thanks Him with prayer and righteous work, then the holy place is never empty!

قال موسى لقومه استعينوا بالله واصبروا إن الأرض لله يورثها من يشاء من عباده والعاقبة للمتقي

The Holy Quran reminds: «Said Moses to his people, «Seek help through Allah and be patient. Indeed, the earth belongs to Allah. He causes to inherit it whom He wills of His servants. And the best outcome is for the righteous»» (Agraf, 128)

Dear brothers and sisters!

We have only one, common Fatherland – the great Russia and it is sacred for all of us. In the centuries destiny from God has united us in the land of our country, united more than a hundred nations and followers of traditional religions. Together we shared joys and sorrows. Together we protected our Motherland from foreign invasions, our ancestors have saved for us a great Fatherland, willed us to love it and to cherish, to live in peace and harmony.

We need to save the experience of centuries, the wisdom of ancestors and the great legacy of mutual understanding and respect by tireless work and patience, in the name of peace and prosperity of our God saved Motherland.

And thank God, after 70 years of trials of state atheism, after the hard times of the collapse of our vast country, today we look to the future with faith and hope and prepare for the 70th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War over the treacherous enemy – the fascist hordes!

Thank God, His grace has not left our Motherland! We notice it in slow but steady spiritual and moral revival of our society, in the great civil unity of all Russians before calling of new times.

Praise God, the dignity and authority of Russia among the nations and states of the world increases and strengthens from year to year, despite all the sanctions, intrigues and double standards. The foundation for further profitable development of our country is laid.

Undoubtedly, it is the result of the continuity of the course and the tireless work of our leaders, their supporters and associates, supported by the majority of Russians, who proved by their deeds over the years their professionalism and loyalty to the Motherland.

In this blessed holiday we warmly congratulate our President Vladimir Putin on the upcoming birthday!

He rightfully earned our great respect and appreciation and became deservedly the national leader of the entire Russian people by doing everything in his power at the high post to strengthen our great country. Our President has won the appreciation and trust of many nations of the world by defending consistently the idea of ​​a multipolar world, the triumph of international law. And we, the citizens of the great state, believe that our multi-ethnic and multi-confessional Motherland will accomplish its historic mission with honour on the world stage, despite all the problems of our time.

We sincerely thank our President for the continued support of the spiritual and moral revival of the peoples of our country.

In this blessed day, we pray the Almighty Creator to send down His immense grace and support to our president for the service of our great Motherland, as well as good health, courage, optimism, success and joy of life, happiness in this and the eternal world!

We, the Muslims of Russia will continue to make a worthy contribution to the preservation of peace, strengthening the unity and power of our great country – Russia, together with our Orthodox compatriots and followers of traditional religions of our country, along with all the Russians!

Dear brothers and sisters!

Today is the sacred holiday. It is the Feast of wedding anniversary of our grandparents Adam and Eve and the holiday of approaching to the God's grace. On this holiday we update the friendship and brotherhood between people by treating each other, sufferers and orphans.

Pilgrims – Hajjies are there now, in the holy places. They're praying for you, for all of us! For the peace in the whole world!

So let us pray together with them! In a holy day and a good hour, let us ask Merciful, the All-Merciful Allah, our Lord for peace, tranquillity and prosperity of our great motherland – Russia and the whole world!

Lord, give us the strength to understand Thy signs and lessons, to live a worthy life of human beings, to be Your governors on the Earth. Turn us away from evil and violence, from dishonour and ruin, save the human race!

We ask Thee, the All-Merciful, for family life welfare, health, diligence, usefulness, knowledge and good deeds for our children and grandchildren, future generations!

We beseech Thee, Infinitely Generous, to bless all people of the world to live in peace and harmony, enjoying each other's successes and deserving happiness of this and eternal worlds, we beseech to live, to praise Thee, our Lord, and to thank Thee tirelessly!!! Amen.

«…He is Allah, who is One, Allah, the Eternal Refuge. He neither begets nor is born, nor is there to Him any equivalent» (112-1-4)

I congratulate you, my dear, on the blessed holiday «Kurban Bayram»!

I wish you and us peace, God's mercy and His blessing!

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

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