Appeal of the Solemn meeting devoted to the celebration of the 225th anniversary of the Central Muslim Spiritual Board of Russia

Appeal of the Solemn meeting devoted to the celebration of the 225th anniversary of the Central Muslim Spiritual Board of Russia 10.22.2013

In the name of Allah the Merciful, the Compassionate!

There was a great turning point in the history of Russia as a multi-ethnic multi-religious state 225 years ago: Catherine II's Decree on the establishment of the «Spiritual Assembly of the Mohammedan law», which meant the official recognition of Islam in the Russian Empire as a legalized faith, the foundation was laid for a decisive shift from confrontational politics against Muslims to cooperate. It is not accidental that such a basis was found to relate directly with the Volga region: genuine Islam established and firmly entrenched here before any other region of the Empire, the hallmarks of which have always been openness, tolerance and willingness in principle to both inter-religious and inter-ethnic cooperation and the fraternal cooperation of peoples and followers of traditional religions of our vast and wonderful homeland to protect and strengthen our Country, whose origins were Holy Russia and righteous Bulgars. Alahamdulillah! Praise be to God! – Muslims of the United Russia in fraternal collaboration of all the peoples of our homeland with the help of God preserved to this day these wonderful qualities.

Centuries of experience of instructive history of Islam is convincing evidence that any country with a Muslim population, pursuing an adequate religious policy in persons of muslims has its good support and can count on Islamic institutions as a partner in most of many social and political problems. Russia is a useful example of unity of devout Muslims, Islamic and public institutions.

Decree on the establishment of the «Spiritual Assembly of the Mohammedan law» became a reference point in the rapid development of Muslim communities, the construction of mosques and religious schools, and very quickly Ufa rightly become one of the world's centers of Islamic scholarship and exemplary Muslim lifestyle.

Nowadays, traditional Islam and its social and moral principles and cultural values of the Muslim society of Russia represent a powerful resource consolidating the formation of civic unity, and the capital of Bashkortostan Ufa and CMSB of Russia act as guardians and protectors of reliable and proven by centuries of Islamic tradition, holy faithfulness to true Islamic teachings and one great God stored Russian Fatherland.

Alhamdulillah, Praise be to God! - In a new, resurgent Russia, for rooted confessions - in general, and Islam - in particular, there are all the conditions for the successful implementation of its high service, for the beautification of public relations, spiritual development of people. Due to such shrewd politics, no matter what difficulties and obstacles, more fixed in the Russian society, as the dominant vector of its peaceful development on the path of harmony and cooperation between all peoples and their religion.

And today, when we celebrate the 225th anniversary of the great Decree of Catherine II on the establishment of the «Spiritual Assembly of the Mohammedan law», which laid the foundation for a positive and constructive relationship between the Russian state and religion, we rightly associate with it another momentous historical event of already present day: the official entry of Russia in 2005 into the most authoritative organization of the modern Islamic world – the organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) with the status of observer member. And if the first event, which separates us from the more than 200 years, has created for Russian Muslims the most favorable opportunities for their seamless integration into a multi-ethnic multi-religious Russian society, the second, it happened less than ten years ago, has opened for Russia and Russian Muslims unprecedented opportunity for direct active participation at the highest level in the affairs of the global Islamic community. For this truly historic achievement, we warmly thank President Vladimir Putin, who in 2003 personally took the initiative of Russia joining the OIC and purposefully sought its successful implementation.

We hope very much that the direct initiation of Russia and Russian Muslim Ummah in the affairs of the Islamic world will contribute to the successful resolution of a number of challenges which Islamic world is facing today, in the first place is its task of restoring unity and consolidation on the basis of the correct and consistent following to undistorted Islamic teachings, based on the Holy Quran and Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad - Sallalahu alyahi Wasallam!

In fairness it must be admitted that this problem is common for today's Islamic world and called sedition (fitna) does not spared domestic Ummah. Unfortunately, it erodes the social fabric of harmony and cooperation like nothing else,and this harmony is an integral part of intraconfessional and civil peace, stability of any society.It is possible to find the right, constructive responses to the challenges of modern globalization that confront all humanity, including and the Muslims only by relying on fundamental Islamic values,by supporting Muslims in their natural desire for spiritual and moral perfection, we can work together to deal with this universal scourge,.

We have no right to forget that globalization has not made ​​the world a much safer place comparing to what it was in the era of uncompromising confrontation between the two world systems and their military-political blocs. We constantly witness of the implementation of double standards and expansion with the new ideological justifications. Especially we must be uncompromising against hypocritical, and therefore extremely dangerous attempts to artificially bind various forms of political fundamentalism, extremism and international terrorism with any world religions.

To succeed in our collective fight against this we must study and creatively use the invaluable experience of living together for centuries Russian peoples – experience of the creative interaction of different cultures, faiths and traditions, which is designed to serve the development of friendship, strengthen the atmosphere of tolerance and mutual respect, conscious willingness to dialogue with.

We are deeply convinced that the unity and mutually respectful relations between peoples and followers of traditional religions pave the way for fixing common problems and obstacles, and urge Muslims and all citizens of our great country to realize the need to value friendship, in order to overcome attempts to sow mutual misunderstanding and pride in interethnic and interfaith relations,in for the sake of peace and harmony, spiritual and moral revival of a better future of our homeland and around the world!

Participants of the celebrations dedicated to the 225th anniversary of the Central Muslim Spiritual Board of Russia.


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