The speech by the President of the Russia V.V. Putin at the ceremonial meeting devoted to the 225th anniversary of the Central Muslim Spiritual Board of Russia

The speech by the President of the Russia V.V. Putin at the ceremonial meeting devoted to the 225th anniversary of the Central Muslim Spiritual Board of Russia 10.22.2013

Dear friends!

We gathered today to celebrate together one significant event in the history of our country. But you know that yesterday in Volgograd crime was committed. We know the handwriting of such people, these criminals, terrorists, who killed many people in our country, including members of the Islamic clergy. This time we also have victims of that crime. And I ask you to honour their memory by silence minute.

(Silence minute)

Thank you.

Dear friends and guests! I see in the audience representatives of many various countries of the world, representatives of Islam from different countries of the world. Thank you very much, that you are here today with at this ceremonial day.

Spiritual assembly of Mohammedan law was established here in Ufa 225 years ago by the decree of Russian Empress Catherine II. In fact, Islam in the state, was officially accepted as one of Russia's traditional religions.

Russia, where the majority of the population were Orthodox Christians, showed around the world then, showed to Europe an example of tolerance and wisdom. This decision was motivated by the whole our national history which never knew the religious wars and conflicts. This was due to our experience in building a multi-ethnic and multi-religious state as a unique civilization, connecting East and West, Asia and Europe.

The huge great state was created by common efforts of people of different nationalities, and thus each nation, every ethnic group has retained its identity.

Deep understanding and interpenetration of cultures and greatly respectful dialogue of representatives of the traditional religions have shaped our spiritual unity, based on general moral values such as justice, truth, hard work, respect for relatives, patriotism and love for the common fatherland, which is one for everyone.

Islam is a striking element of the Russian cultural code, an integral, organic part of the Russian history. We know and remember the names of many followers of Islam, who are part of the glory of our common fatherland, they are state and public figures, scientists, entrepreneurs, representatives of culture and art, the valiant warriors.

In the difficult years of the Great Patriotic War here in Ufa, at the congress of the Muslim clergy Mufti Gabdurahman Rasulev spoke of holy duty to protect homeland. He said: «Muslims remember well the words of the Prophet: «Love for the Motherland - is part of your faith». And Muslims abide by this sacred commandments, and their love for the native homeland. From the first days of the war they were in the ranks of the defenders of our common homeland, our land from the Brest fortress, together with people of other nationalities they have passed military roads to Berlin.

It is our common history which we should keep as a relic, we must preserve the memory of our fathers and grandfathers, who were together on the battlefields and at the peaceful creative labour, and they never shared their comrades neither by nationality nor by faith. They appreciated the mutual respect and supported each other in trouble and in joy and left us an example of the great, conquering friendship, and we will not allow anyone to destroy and tarnish it.

The activity of Muslim communities, the work of Muslim religious leaders have great importance. Our task is to educate youth in the spirit of mutual respect, which is based on the feelings of co-citizenship, patriotism and national identity.

Dear friends! Most recently, in Russia, and throughout in the whole Muslim world, was celebrated «Kurban-Bayram» - the most revered holiday in Islam. Celebrating it true Muslims show respect and kindness to their relatives, colleagues, neighbours. Neighbour for Muslim - is like a brother. And all the peoples of our multinational country appreciate such heartfelt feelings. Where are neighbourliness and cooperation among nations, among religions and faiths, there will always triumph peace. Harmony and stability in our society is the key to successful and safe development of our country.

I wish you every success and good health. Congratulations.


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