Speech by R.Z.Hamitov the President of the Republic of the Republic Bashkortostan at the IX Congress CMSB of Russia

Speech by R.Z.Hamitov the President of the Republic of the Republic Bashkortostan at the IX Congress CMSB of Russia 10.13.2012

Welcomed the participants and guests of the IX Congress of the CMSB of  Russia made the President of Bashkortostan Rustem Khamitov. 

Transcript of his speech: 

Hөrmәtle ҡunaktar, delegattar, hәyerle kөn! 

Hөrmәtle-Hazrat Mufti Talgat! 

Dear friends! 

These days Ufa takes the Ninth Assembly of the Central Spiritual Board of Muslims of Russia. This forum - a landmark event for the country's Muslim community. 

Russia, which is home to about 20 million Muslims - not the outer periphery of the Islamic world, but an integral part of it. Islam in Russia, along with Orthodoxy - dergavotvor religion. 

For the past 450 years since the voluntary joining of our region into Russia Bashkortostan accumulated valuable experience of many centuries of cohabitation of peoples - the followers of different religious beliefs. 

Almost 225 years ago by Catherine II Ufa became the official center of Islam in Russia. Throughout its history, the Spiritual Board conducted a great deal of work on the development of Islamic culture, the improvement of theological education. 

Among the most important achievements of your organization - the integration of ethnic Muslims - Bashkirs, Tatars, Kazakhs and other peoples - to the Russian political and legal space. Not once during the ordeal and vital reforms in Russia Central Spiritual Board, his authoritative religious leaders played a crucial role in strengthening stability, strengthening the foundations of the state of the country. 

The high educational mission was such an outstanding educator as Miftahetdin Akmulla, Muhammetsalim Umetbaev, Zia Kamali, ishan Zaynulla Rasulev mufti Rizaitdin Fakhretdinov and many, many others. Their names are bright and spiritual achievements will never be forgotten. 

Today, the value of the Muslim Center in Ufa overstated. It not only brings together millions of fellow Muslims, engaging the public, the Enlightenment, charity. It plays a major ideological role in protecting society from a terrible illness as religious extremism. 

We live in difficult times. Many socio-economic problems are not only not solved, but also exacerbated the global crisis. It becomes a «breeding ground» for the spread of radical ideologies, sowing enmity and hatred. We regret to note that in different parts of the country, including in Bashkortostan, in one way or another seen their aggressive displays. Activated from various pseudo-religious structures, the youth organizations of the radical extremist. 

One of the recent tragic examples - an attempt at spiritual leader of Tatarstan, the death of our fellow - a prominent cleric Waliullah Hazrat Yakupov. 

People who commit such crimes are beyond religion and beyond the law. 

In our country, the issue of cleansing the true values ​​of Islam of religious extremism are vital. Terrorism finds its followers there, where there is ignorance. On you - the Central Spiritual Bard of Muslims of Russia - great expectations in educating people. The more that religious groups have the freedom to develop their own system of education. By the federal program to support the spiritual (Islamic) education. Established the Foundation for the Support of Islamic education and culture. 

Now only in our country, there are 5 of Muslim educational institutions. The largest of them - the Russian Islamic University of Central Spiritual Board of Muslims of Russia. It is one of seven Russian Islamic universities. It is important that graduates of religious schools receive state diplomas. 

University trains Muslim clergy in many regions of the country. Successfully continues the best traditions of Russian religious education as the successor to the well-known in the Islamic world Ufa madrasah «Galia». There is always formed the basis of deep religious and secular knowledge. Of the walls were such prominent figures of culture and education as Mazhit Gafuri Shayhzada Babich, Hasan Tufan, Saifi Kudash Karim Khakimov, Sultan Gabyashi and many, many others. 

Today things have changed and even religious education in XXI century is unthinkable without the latest information technology. Must learn the wisdom of the Koran, and using electronic media and the Internet and modern technology and interactive learning. After further graduate madrassas have to deal with young, highly educated. Mullah future must understand not only in theology but also in advanced science and technology flows. 

It is very important that the Spiritual Board made a bet on the preparation of the Muslim clergy in the Russian theological schools, but not in foreign universities. 

Today virtually every mosque has primary schools, madrassas, where anyone can learn the basics of Islam. 

Broad educational work is our university scientists. Research Center of Islamic Education at Bashgospeduniversitet caterer awareness courses on the basics of Islam, its history and culture, focused primarily on the young. 

In the Republic ordered the rules for registration of religious organizations, especially Muslim communities. The local authorities are looking to build religious buildings and structures were built on land owned by a registered religious organizations. 

Putting things in order to work with the pilgrims. Now they travel to Saudi Arabia organized by officials of religious boards. 

Dear participants of the Congress! 

Today, in front of our Motherland is facing serious political and economic challenges. Here the huge potential of Islam is used while not in full. 

For you and most importantly - more work with young people. Unfortunately, the youth, an increase of suicide, alcoholism, drug addiction, crime, mental illness, and more. You all know better than me. 

In the fight against these social evils Islam, like other traditional religions of the country should have its say. The interests of the state and Islam, of course, are the same. Today, many people, even as believers adhere to ethical norms of Islam. Quran laced demanding purity of mind and body, it directly prohibits social evils. The struggle for the morality of young generation - the most important area of ​​our work together. 

In addition, we know that in recent years across the country, including in our country, a lot of acts, call them directly - provocateurs. Using the difficulties and problems in the life of any young person, they empty promises, demagoguery and outright calls for aggression are trying to undermine the situation, involving youth in destructive activities. Give them, these provocateurs rebuff - our common goal - the state and public organizations, and religious denominations themselves. In this work in our country given special attention. 

At the meeting in April this year the Republican forum «Islam. Youth. Future» had a serious talk about the development of Islamic education, the implementation of new forms of educational potential of Islam. In particular, it was decided to hold the shares of «Islam against extremism.» In the framework throughout the country have been mass events with well-known artists, youth leaders, students, including religious schools. Population survey showed that such forms of work that do not have no analogues in other regions of Russia, give very good results. Young people we trust. 

It is necessary to emphasize youth committee of the Spiritual Board of Muslims of the Republic of Bashkortostan, which conducts sports and social events, cultural evenings with representatives of the Muslim clergy and youth. 

So much for the ideological, educational and educational components of youth work. It is assumed that a major part of its direction - is a strong social policy to be carried out of all levels. It should be aimed, in particular, to improve living conditions, education and youth work. 

We try to improve the unemployment situation. In the past year, were able to employ more than 11,000 young people. Launched the project «The right to start.» Provide financial assistance to young doctors, teachers, farmers who choose to work in rural areas. Supported by more than two thousand budding businessmen. We provide numerous competitions, aimed at identifying and encouraging talented young people. 

An important component of our work - the economic direction. Recently, one of the Ufa banks started to offer products and provide services in accordance with the rules of Islam. Islamic banking is now being actively developed in the East and Europe. In Russia, where such financial services - in the development stage, Ufa one of the first to become one of the cities in which they operate. As the estimates of experts, the establishment of such banks will attract the domestic economy savings of millions of Muslim communities, in particular, large investment from the Arab-Muslim world. 

The country is actively developing the production of halal products. It is no secret that in recent years the shops flooded low-quality food, often hazardous to human health. This problem can promote halal food industry, based on the production and processing of natural, organic, local produce. 

Develops a promising direction as sewing Islamic dress. And our products, I must say, is demanded, for example, in Central Asia. Recently, our staff of textile and light industry have visited the exhibitions in Central Asia and received approval and orders for such clothes. We set ourselves the task to the youth has been closely involved in all this work. 

Distinguished delegates and guests of the Congress! 

In this multi-ethnic and multi-religious society like our country, religion is the mutual understanding and cooperation, beautification of public relations, spiritual development of people. Avoiding artificial politicization of religion, we should appreciate and cherish all that unites us. 

I think, further strengthening the unity and solidarity of the Islamic community would provide a greater role of Muslims in the development of our multi-ethnic country and its regions. And it is good that in addressing crucial issues, we hear the voices of respected religious leaders. 

I want to thank you for your many contributions to the Central Spiritual Board of Muslims of Russia, its leader, respected Shaykh al-Islam, the Supreme Mufti Talgat-Hazrat Tajuddin. Yesterday was his birthday. Allow me to congratulate you, dear Talgat hazrat, and wish you good health and all the best! We all know you as a person of high moral qualities, bright speaker wise preacher of Islam, humanist and peacemaker. Rahmat! Thank you! 

Dear friends! 

Tolerance, respect for the faith and customs of each person will always be the basic principles of modern Russia. We - a great country with a rich history, which our ancestors worked together, shoulder to shoulder. The centuries-old dialogue of languages ​​and cultures, traditions, unity and friendship of the peoples - is our most precious treasure that we must preserve and pass on to future generations of Russians. 

I wish you fruitful work of the Congress. And the participants and guests - health, happiness and prosperity. I also want to say that in these days the our holiday - Republic Day. And the guests who come to our holiday, the most expensive and the most desirable for us humans. Rahmat! 

Transcript of Rustem Khamitov during a briefing for journalists: 

The government will always support the denomination. The fact that religion is a moral principles. And very often in life we ​​forget that the main thing after all - this is good, it is the mind, is the ability to live together. And, unfortunately, in today's difficult times, we often see a completely opposite facts. 

Today was really a lot of bright and deep performances. I want to say that they do not leave anyone indifferent, in fact, this may be, and the task of the Congress - to wake people up, to show them that there are problems in the world, but together we can overcome them.

I want to support, Hazrat Mufti, who has made great efforts to ensure that organize and hold this Congress, and that the office was as large as possible, as many countries of the world have sent their delegates here. This is very important. Not only to show our country and our Ufa, but also the country, which, in general, has always sought peace. 

So I think that this is one of the main goals of the congress. As for extremism and conflict, of course, only in an atmosphere of good and understanding can, in the end, to find the truth. I think we will deal with these conflict situations always.

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