IX Congress of CMSB of Russia. The report «On the situation in the Muslim community of Russia and tasks of CMSB in modern conditions»

IX Congress of CMSB of  Russia. The report «On the situation in the Muslim community of Russia and tasks of CMSB in modern conditions» 10.13.2012

In the name of God the Merciful, the Compassionate!

Dear Rustem Zakievich, dear Presidency

Distinguished delegates and guests of the Congress!

We all know that for effective operation of our oldest and largest Russian Muslim religious organization, we all need to analyze and understand the conditions in which we have to work in the near future. Meanwhile, the situation in the Muslim community is characterized as a complex and highly controversial. It should be noted that the state creates very favorable conditions for the development of Islam as one of the main traditional religions in our country. Accepted and effective legislation to ensure full freedom of religion and non-interference in the affairs of officials of religious organizations. Built and opened new mosques, madrassas and universities. Developing Islamic education and the media. The government at the federal level and in the regions has a significant Muslim organizations, moral, material and logistical support. In this connection I would like to especially thank the President of the Russian Federation, and also noted the support that Muslims have a government of the Republic of Bashkortostan and its president R.Z.Hamitov. I can say that Muslims in Russia as a whole, and in the Republic of Bashkortostan, in particular, comfortable. In turn CMSB of Russia is a reliable partner of the state in maintaining peace and harmony, consistent fighter with various manifestations of extremism, intolerance. Russian Muslims to their hard work contributed greatly to the strengthening of our common state, its stability and prosperity.

However, a number of objective and subjective reasons, the whole Islamic community in Russia has seen a steady deterioration of the situation. Over the recent years, especially in the last year Muslim organizations were present aggression by radical elements seeking to seize the Islamic space of Russia, cause damage to its major leaders, theologians, Ustaz and mentors, created on the basis of thousands of Muslim organizations cells real Islamic opposition.

Over the last 3-5 years extremists killed more than 50 key for Muslim Ummah figure dozens seriously injured. Virtually all significant supporters of traditional Islam have received threats of physical violence. Killed muftis, theologians, and university rectors of madrassas extremely difficult to find a suitable replacement. Their associates, fearing for their lives, less and more carefully engage in a struggle with the radicals, finally giving them the initiative. You can say that terrorism and psychological warfare threats virtually paralyzed the healthy forces of Islam in Russia. Against this background, there is an uncontrolled growth of Mufti, contumacious largest Muslim organizations. This allows fraudsters, crooks and extremists to hold official positions and speak on behalf of the Russian Muslims. They are everywhere in the official level and substitute traditional Muslims in cooperation with the state. This allows them, in some cases misleading both federal and regional bodies of state power, which lack specialized professionals. Purchased on the official position of the extremists easily legalized funds, require the provision of places of power under the mosque, to provide full support, provoke conflicts to further fragmentation of traditional Muslim organizations, spraying their capabilities. Parallel extremists penetrate existing leadership largest associations of Muslims that leads to radicalization and changing priorities. They increasingly criticize the state, calling for a search for a compromise with non-traditional Islam; say the oppression of Muslims in Russia. Struggle with radicals is at the level of the mosques. We all feel it for our self. CMSB generally unable to resist them in their communities. But the pressure is constantly increasing. In some regions, the situation is becoming critical. Opponents of traditional Islam Russia created numerous online resources, intensive evangelistic work are established and operate without registration numerous Islamic schools. They engage in a struggle for control of the official Islamic educational institutions.

In some regions of Russia in July-September this year meetings and rallies were banned in Russia organization 
«Hizb-ut-Tahrir,» which openly circulated subversive materials. And in the hotel «Salute» in Moscow its activists managed to hold a conference. In May in Moscow hosted a conference on «Islamic doctrine against radicalism.» Forum in which the Russians were spent huge funds, adopt a final document that contains elements of extremist ideologies and justify terrorism. The document has become widespread in the anti-Russian Islamic Media. 

All this creates a real threat not only to traditional Islam in Russia, but can destabilize the situation in all of our multicultural society. In these circumstances CMSB appeal to the leadership of the country to increase the level and quality of interaction between government and traditional Muslim organizations, to provide them full support in the fight against alien to our society by extremist ideologies. Need to improve the mechanisms of our interaction with the state. In cooperation with the state, we need to improve the procedure of sending Hajj pilgrims. Leaders of CMSB considers unsatisfactory work of so-called Council of Hajj and Hajj Mission, formed for unknown for many principles. Quotas are allocated between organizations unreasonable, excluding the number of Muslims in a particular region of the Russian Federation. As a result, hundreds of pilgrims from CMSB not able to go to Hajj this year. Given the fact that quotas are not at Muslim organizations, and the Russian Federation, as a state, we consider necessary from 2013 to create a transparent and fair mechanisms for the allocation of quotas between Muslim organizations and entities of the Russian Federation on the basis of the number of Muslims. This is something that concerns the interaction with the government. In those areas where we need the support of the state. But much, very much, we can and should do for themselves by the central office of CMSB, Mufti and communities.

Speaking about the tasks CMSB, I cannot say that our main goal was and remains to preserve our unity. In recent years, primarily external radical elements active attempts to split the ranks of the Central Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Russia, subject to various rumors and gossip, including the release of its membership of various organizations.

CMSB - the only major Muslim structure, able to effectively counter the radicals - are trying to discredit the government and the Muslims, show that the Office of weakened and unable to be a reliable partner of the state in the modern world. Our current Congress must resolutely stop these attempts and publicly declare that CMSB retains its old structure and complete unity under the guidance of the spiritual leader of Russian Muslims Shaykh al-Islam Talgat Tajuddin. Under the circumstances, which I mentioned earlier, we need to consolidate not only structures belonging to CMSB, not just members of our Muslim mosques, but all the healthy forces of Islam in Russia. Regardless of the organization to which they belong. We need to fight for the souls of young people who catch the virus of extremism, but which can still be saved. That is why the Supreme Mufti T.Tadzhuddin initiated the establishment of the Public Association of CMSB of Russia 
«Gibadurrahman.» Based on it will be youth and women's organizations. It is time we take the initiative in the radicals, especially for young people and to consolidate all the healthy forces of society in the spiritual and moral regeneration, education, charity, and mercy, and resist attempts to plunge us chaos and strife.

Today the Congress we reform CMSB governing bodies, to make changes. Leaders CMSB also initiated the creation of public wing of our organization. It is a kind of the Public Chamber of the Central Spiritual Administration of Muslims. It will lead to the wider dialogue with believers, to look at how to control from the outside. Identify areas in which to develop, and that worries ordinary parishioners. Thus, we get an additional mechanism to consolidate and mobilize believers to combat manifestations of destructive ideologies. Public Chamber CMSB be layered. The structures will be established in the community, muhtasibats, Mufti and the central office. Chairman of the Public Chamber CMSB become Deputy Supreme Mufti.

We need to put on a new level of performance of the Ulema Council. Council will carry out an analysis of the ideology of extremism, those theses that they raise, show their inconsistency and disastrous for Russian Muslims. He must develop counter-arguments and make them available to general consumers. Necessary to establish its interaction with Muftiats, with the media, with the secular scientific community, dealing with the interaction of religion and society. We need at all levels to develop our media, wider, with the spread of the Internet, to attract their youth. Use the forms and methods of communication that are of interest to young people. Single most important task is to create a highly qualified staff for young and attractive incentives to work in the various structures and Muftiats of CMSB. This will ensure the continuity of generations and the education of youth in the traditions of our Russian Islam. You must develop Vakf property, which will work with the business community.

Distinguished members of Congress, distinguished guests Russian Islam is an important spiritual and patriotic element of our society, and CMSB - a proven history of its main cementing force. Thus, strengthening and developing CMSB, we strengthen and develop the entire Russian Islam. Create conditions for the free development of a harmonious whole Russian society. Combining our efforts with the state and representatives of fraternal religions will lead to peace, stability and prosperity of our great country.

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