Final Statement of the IX Congress of CMSB of Russia

Final Statement of the IX Congress of CMSB of Russia 10.13.2012

Final Statement of the IX Congress of CMSB of Russia

In the name of Allah, the Merciful, the Compassionate! 


Congress (Majlis) 

Objectively and thoroughly considered the topical issues of Russian Muslim community: 

1. Congress (Majlis) of the CMSB of Russia claims that Russian Muslims have supported the principled and consistent policy of our state, its President Putin, focused on the protection of religious freedoms, ensuring comfort for the believers of religion. 

CMSB of Russia, as the oldest and one of the largest Muslim organizations in the Russian Federation, and one is a reliable partner of the state in all charitable activities and undertakings, to the benefit of our country, its peoples, strengthening between peace and harmony.
2. With deep concern Congress (Majlis) the CMSB of Russia notes that recently the situation has worsened in the Muslim community of the country. Traditional Russian Islam has undergone unprecedented aggression by radical elements. Killed dozens of major Ustaz (Muslim teachers) and mentors. A number of Muslim organizations, including quite large and influential, were infected with a virus of radicalism and actually captured by extremists. Struggle for the field of Islamic education under the control of Islamic radicals were some universities. Raise their heads the banned extremist organizations. They conducted an extensive advocacy.
All this creates a real threat not only to traditional Islam in Russia, but can destabilize the situation in all of our multicultural society.
In these circumstances, the Congress appeals to the government, directly to Russian President V.V.Putin, with the request to increase the level and quality of interaction between government and traditional Muslim organizations, to provide them full support in the fight against alien to our society by extremist ideologies.
3. In recent years, primarily external radical elements active attempts to split the ranks of the Central Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Russia, subject to various rumors and gossip, including the release of its membership of various organizations. In this regard, Congress (Majlis) has unanimously declared that CMSB of Russia retains its old structure and complete unity under the leadership of the spiritual leader of Russian Muslims Shaykh al-Islam Talgat Tajuddin .
4. In actual extremist aggression Congress (Majlis) the CMSB of Russia calls on all the healthy forces of traditional Russian Islam to unite and build a broad coalition to organize an effective response to the spread of radical ideologies in the Muslim community. For this Congress (Majlis) considers a public Association of the CMSB of Russia 
«GibadurRahman», which is primarily active, cover the work with young people and the wider community in raising the level of spiritual and moral regeneration of society and prevention of extremism, radicalism and terrorism. 

5. Congress (Majlis) of the CMSB of Russia drew the Council's attention to the acute shortage of Hajj quota of CMSB of Russia and its regional Muslim Boards and expresses its deep concern about the consequences of this. Emphasize that Saudi Arabia allocates quotas for Russian Muslims on the basis of the rate of 1 permit per 1,000 Muslims and requires the Council on hajj to continue to adhere to this principle.
6. Congress (Majlis) of the CMSB of Russia strongly condemns the actions of various blasphemers, defiling the spiritual foundations of the Russian state, the authority and dignity of fundamental religions of our country. In this regard, Congress expressed particular solidarity with the Russian Orthodox Church and its primate of the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia H.E. Kirill.
7. Congress of the CMSB of Russia appeals to the President of the Russian Federation V.V.Putin to take chairman of the CMSB of  Russia Shaykh al-Islam Talgat Tajuddin  and two of his top aides Muftis, to discuss the most pressing issues of the Muslim community of the country.
8. Due to the prohibitive cost for most mosques are turning to the delegates of the Congress Prime Minister Dmitry Anatolievich Medvedev to consider reducing the cost of domestic gas for religious organizations to establish, through the general tariff for them 
«to the public.»


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