Biography Shaykh al-Islam, Grand mufti, Chairman of the Central spiritual administration of muslims of Russia, Talgat Safa Tajuddin

Safa Talgat Tajuddin was born October 12, 1948 of Kazan in the family of deeply religious people Minsafy and Rashida Tadzhuddinovyh, came from families of Muslim clerics.

Grandfather of the future Supreme Mufti been expropriated and became special settlers in the years of persecution of Islam.

The desire to love and to receive religious knowledge he imparted grandmother Maguire, whose ancestors were among the Sufi sheikhs.

In 1955 Talgat began training at Kazan school №27, which is now located on the corner of Esperanto and Salimzhanova (previously - streets Zhdanov and Pavlyukhin). Once here there learned his mother. Now vahitovskij district of the city, in the pre-revolutionary of Kazan was nicknamed Arkhangelsk sloboda, the only place of residence of mixed Russian and tatar. Now the school building is located tatar gymnasium.

In 1963 Talgat Tajuddin enrolled in a vocational school. By working day, all his evenings he devoted to reading books on Islam at a local mosque, copying books in Arabic, studied other oriental languages ​​under the guidance mutavalli.

His spiritual teacher and mentor Talgat Tajuddin believes Zaki Kazan theologian Ibn al Alicia Safiullah al-Mursavi, a graduate of the famous madrasa aul Kizlyau Nurlatsky region of Tatarstan (now - the village Kurmanaevo).In 1966 Talgat Tajuddin supplied to bukhara madrasah «Arab world» and ends his seven-year course with distinction. In 1973 he was elected the second imam-khatib Kazan Cathedral Mosque «Al-Marjani.» Since 1972, as part of the government and religious delegations Talgat Tajuddin went to Afghanistan, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Bulgaria, Mongolia, Finland, Algeria, the United States, Tunisia and other countries. Seeking to deepen their spiritual knowledge, Talgat Tajuddin in 1973 he entered the Egyptian Islamic University «Al-Azhar» in Cairo faculty, after which 5 years later was appointed the first Imam-Khatib Kazan Cathedral Mosque «Al-Marjani.» His favorite theological works – «Renewal of Sciences of faith» («Ihya Uloom al-Din»), the famous Muhammad al-Ghazali.

Separate terms and ideas in this book Mufti uses in his sermons. Him close to the ideas of Muslim philosophers reformers of modern times of Muhammad Abduh and Jamal al-Din al-Afghani. In 1977, while studying at the «Al-Azhar» Tajuddin making his first Hajj then he has repeatedly made ​​a pilgrimage, led a delegation of Soviet Muslims. In Mecca and Medina, the Mufti met and has since maintained a friendship with many prominent Muslim leaders from different countries.

June 19, 1980 Talgat Tajuddin Safa was elected Supreme Mufti and Chairman of the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of the European part of the USSR and Siberia. He actively contributes to send for training in Bukhara students from Tatarstan and Bashkortostan, planning to prepare for at least forty-educated Muslim theologians. In the mid-80 under the leadership of Tajuddin begins the revival of Islamic life in the USSR: in Kazan reissued Koran opened muslim shrines in the Volga region and Siberia (in Volgograd, Saratov, Tobolsk and Tyumen), begins the reconstruction of the mosque in Moscow.

From 1980 to 1985, the number of mosques has increased from 90 to 500 in October 1989 in Ufa is open madrasahs name Rizaetdin ibn Fakhretdin (now - Russian Islamic University), for the first ten years of existence, which was released more than 400 imam-khatib, muezzins and teachers.

Mufti is an active participant of many regional, interregional and international scientific conferences, where is theology reports. In 1986 Talgat Tajuddin taking part in Baku conference «Muslims for Peace», which became prominent international event. The first international conference of Muslim of preachers in Morocco in March 1987, the attention of over than five hundred participants drawn statement Talgat Tajuddin. He talked about how to ensure that the words of the Imam reached the heart of every true. In his view, the content of sermons should not be divorced from life, they must address problems of concern to all, including such as preservation of peace in the nuclear age, disarmament and prevention of the militarization of space. In recognition of his services Tajuddin entrusted the right to preside over one of the meetings Forum.

In 1989 the Mufti has organized celebration of the All-Russia 1100th, anniversary of the voluntary adoption of Islam peoples of Volga and Ural regions.

In May 1990, at a meeting of the spiritual leader of Muslims the USSR, he was elected chairman of the International Relations Department of Muslim organizations.

June 6-8, 1990 in Ufa at the V Congress of Muslims European part of the USSR and Siberia, which was attended by 700 delegates and guests from Russia and the republics of the Union, 36 foreign countries, representatives of the Organization of the Islamic Conference, Talgat Tajuddin Safa was re-elected chairman of the Mufti and D.U.M.E.S.

In 1992, at the VI Extraordinary congress of Muslims of Russia, it was decided to transform the structures D.U.M.E.S in the Central Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Russia and European countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States.

Major regional religious centers (muhtasibaty) were converted to Muslim Spiritual Directorate (from 1992 to the present time there was 30 Mufti) and put san Supreme Mufti, who was assigned to Tajuddin absolute majority of participants of the congress.

In 1995 Talgat-hazrat was included in the Board of Trustees of «Russian Public Television» (ORT tv).

In 1996 it was given the title of Sheikh-ul-Islam. Simultaneously with it there are emerging new centralized Muslim organizations are not included in the canonical unity with CMSB Russia. Specialists in the modern history of Islam has repeatedly pointed out that the chief merit of the Supreme Mufti is faithful precepts ancestors - in difficult years for the country and, despite the machinations of the various of destructive forces, he maintained and strengthened communities entrusted to him his daily creative labor and his contribution to the strengthening of unity, not only the community of russian muslims, but also the entire multiethnic and multireligious society of Russia.

September 21, 1998 Russian President Boris Yeltsin awarded Talgat Tajuddin Order of Friendship for his great contribution to strengthening friendship and cooperation between peoples. In the same period, is assigned Certificate of Merit of the Republic of Bashkortostan.

3-14 November 2000, he became the participant the Interreligious Peacemaking forum in Moscow.

In 2001, Sheikh-ul-Islam Talgat Tajuddin Russian Biographical Institute nominated as «Person of the Year 2001» for the strengthening of inter-religious relations and peacekeeping in the category «Religion» Of the same title awarded when President V.V.Putin and Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Alexy II

Safa Talgat Tajuddin always stands for peace and peaceful way of civilization. His daily work and Constructive mind did not go unnoticed by the state and leaders of other religions.

In 2002, the Supreme Mufti received a silver medal «For strengthening of the criminal executive system». Order of the Minister of Justice of Russia.

In March 2003, on the eve of the war in Iraq, as a part a delegation of russian religious and political figures Chairman CMSB Russia went to Baghdad. The purpose of the trip – to express solidarity with the Iraqi people.

 In 2004 Talgat-hazrat awarded public award - the Order of Minin and Pozharsky «Glorifying Russia about their business.»

In 2007, the Grand Mufti of was awarded a gold medal «For peacemaking and charitable activities» by presidential decree.

In 2008, Tajuddin awarded the Order of Honor for his merits in the development of spiritual culture and strengthening friendship between peoples.

In December 2009, in the House of Unions in Moscow, Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill awards him the Order of the Russian of the Orthodox Church in honor of the Holy Prince Daniel of Moscow (II degree).

In December 2010, on the orders of Russian Interior Minister Rashid Nurgaliyev Talgat Tajuddin was awarded a medal «over promote the Russian Interior Ministry.» This prize was awarded to him for his great personal contribution to the moral and patriotic education of police officers (now - the police).

The Supreme Mufti of the Muslims is the official representative of the Russian Federation to UNESCO, the Organization of the Islamic Conference, the European League of Muslims and other international organizations.

Talgat Tajuddin married to Sanie Abdraufovne. With her he lived for more than 30 years. Strong family Tadzhuddinovyh is based on love, loyalty and common interests and goals. Care and sensitivity to relationship between the spouses and all the family members, love of children create a favorable atmosphere of understanding and Muslim upbringing. Two daughters and three sons - the pride of parents. Middle son Muhammad followed in the footsteps of his father. He directs the Administration CMSB Russia. Today Talgat Hazrat beloved grandfather 14 grandchildren.