RMSB of the Kurgan region

RMSB of the Kurgan region

Regional Muslim Spiritual Board of the Kurgan region of Russia unites more than 50 communities and has structural units: representations and muhtasibats

1.Safakulevskiy district

2.Almenevskiy district

3.Tsilinniy district

4.Shuchanskiy district

5.Shumihinskiy district

RMSB activities aimed at spiritual and moral revival and development of spiritual and moral values of Islam and the religious needs of Muslims of Zauralye.

The main objectives of RMSB:

To promote peace, brotherhood and cooperation among nations and followers of traditional religions of Zauralye.

Training and education of the younger generation in the spirit of traditional Islam.

Implementation of the principles of religious freedom, equality and tolerance.

Mufti residence is located in the administrative building of the mosque complex "Ak mechet" at Chelyabinsk street. El'kina 16

Registered address RMSB of the Kurgan region: Kurgan region, village Safakulevo, ul.Zauralsakya 8.

Local Muslim religious organization of the Kurgan region since May 1994 and canonically directly included in the administrative jurisdiction of the CMSB of Russia.Operational management of the activities of local religious communities carried by chairman of the RMSBof the Chelyabinsk region, Mufti Gabdulla-Hazrat Shakaev.

By the decision of the Constituent Congress of the RMSB held in s. Safakulevo on July 26, 2001 with the participation of the Chairman of theCMSB, Supreme Mufti, Sheikh-ul-Islam Talgat Tajuddin was formed independent RMSB KO composed CMSB of Russia. Registered on August 15, 2005. In 2001-2005 the RMSBof the Kurgan region was headed by Mufti Ramazan Hazrat Ishmukhametov. After his death in a car crash, acting mufti of theRMSB of Kurgan region before the Congress Muslims RMSB Kurgan region became Talas Hazrat Turaev.

At the congress of Muslims RMSB Kurgan region, which took place on December 28, 2005, the Chairman of the Russian CMSB, Supreme Mufti, Sheikh-ul-Islam Talgat Tajuddin appointed Rinat Hazrat Rayev as a chairman of the RMSBof Kurgan region.

The Congress adopted an appeal of imams of local religious organizations and groups not included in the structure of the RMSBof Kurgan region, adopting them in the RMSBof Kurgan region at CMSB of Russia.

«The Council for Cooperation with Religious Associations and the Advisory Council on National Relations in Kurgan Region» are annually holdby the Government of Kurgan region.

With the support of public authorities RMSBof the Kurgan region organized opening of the medrese in the Safakulevo village.


Since 2005 RMSBof the Kurgan region annually organizes Muslim summer camps for learning the basics of traditional Islam and Arabic grammar at mosques. Regional, inter-regional competitions are held to summarize the results of camps, the winners will participate in the annual All-Russian contest "I am learning Islam" in the Republic of Bashkortostan in Ufa.


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