RMSB of the Republic of Mari El

RMSB of the Republic of Mari El

Republic of Mari-El takes a small part of the territory on themap of Russia, but it has long been blended into the Russian reality, its inhabitants from the XVI century for many generations live the life of the peoples of our country. Population of the republic is multiethnic and multireligious. Here are many adherents of Islam, which has been preserved in terms of centuries of non-islamic environment. Number of the Ummahis growing, mainly due to migrants from Central Asia and Azerbaijan. Tthere are areas of compact settlement of Tatars iIn the republic - Mari-Turetsky, Morkinsky and Paranginskiy.

On March 16, 1999 by the Decree of the Chairman of theCMSB of Russia, Supreme Mufti, Shaykh al-Islam TalgatSafaTajuddin in Mari-El was created muftiat for further successful coordination of the work of religious organizations, addressing issues related to the spiritual development of Muslims in the region. At that time9 mosques were operating in the republic. Fanuz-HazratSalimgareevwas appointed chairman at the congress. Cathedral Mosque of Yoshkar-Ola and mosques of Volzhsktown and Morki village were opened with the blessing of the Supreme Mufti in August of the same year.

To date, the republic has 30 mosques, there are 31 parish. Every year more people attend Muslim holidays Eid al-Fitr, Eid al-Adha, Mawlid, Juma prayers. Average age of parishioners is becoming younger. People are drawn to religion. More than 300 people come weekly for Juma prayer in the Cathedral mosque. Sermons are read in Arabic, Tatar and Russian languages.

RMSB of the Republic of Mari-El publishes its own newspaper «Maglyumat in Mari El.» You can always buy Muslim literature.

In the hadith of Prophet Muhammad (s.g.v.) is said: "Whoever enters the path of seeking knowledge, Allah will provide him a way to heaven".At the mosque of Yoshkar-Ola is operatingSunday school for children, adolescents and adults. There are opportunities for young people wishing to pursue Islamic education for admission to study in higher religious education. Theological-methodical commission coordinates the work of Sunday schools. Council of Imams also acts at the muftiat, where religious leaders provide guidance in the form of consultations and workshops. Seminars are often conducted on-site at local motels, where, along with studies imams have the opportunity to take curative and preventive procedures. This is very important because they work almost without holidays. FanuzaHazratSalimgareev periodically travels to regional and rural mosques to conduct Friday sermon, holds Juma prayers.

People who conflicted with the law do not go unheeded: in the colonies and remand the clergy read homilies to improve morality, to increase spirituality. Mosques and prayer rooms were opened in six colonies. As stated in one of the sacred hadith: «Allah does not look at your faces and your property, He looks at your hearts and intentions».

The country youth of premilitary age receive pastoral blessing, one of missile divisions operates a prayer room for employees. Council of Elders at the mosque of the city of Yoshkar-Ola helps Mufti in all matters.

Every year Muslims of Mari-El go to Hajj.

Warriors defenders are especially esteemed in Islam, because as said Honorable Prophet (s.g.v.): «Defence of the Motherland is a part of your faith».On May 9 memorial service for the repose of the dead is committed, veterans of the Great Patriotic Warare honored. By the initiative of the Council of mosque in Yoshkar-Ola in 2003 "Halal”shop was opened. Prior to that, the permissibility of Allah food was brought from Tatarstan.

Pproduction of halal meat products was launched in the region since 2006 with the blessing of RMSBof the Republic of Mari El and assisted CEO of Yoshkar-Ola slaughterhouse Tsinpaev M.A. Since 2010 tThis initiative wasalso taken byAkashevskaya poultry. Today there are six such companies in the republic.

Own traditional order of celebrating Eid al-Fitr, Eid al-Adha, Mawlid en-Nabywas developed in the mosque of Yoshkar-Ola. After a great sermon and namaz in Eid al-Fitr Council of mosque decides what amount of money, depending on the amount of sadaqah, to distribute to the poor and disabled, it is about 200 people. In Eid al-Adha annually for the second decade Kurban meat is transported to the Children's Republican Hospital, Savinskaya boarding school, children's hospital, the 22 th correctional school, is given to sick people, disabled, needy, those who can not get out from house. The rest meat is given topeople gathered at the mosque. All who come to the feast can eat soup of Kurban meat.

Summer camps for children are organized annually at mosques. This period is an auspicious time for children to get knowledge of the principles of Islam and reading the Holy Quran. In the camps, there is an opportunity to engage in sports activities not prohibited by Shariah, three free meals are organized. Turning to the parents, the Council recalls: «If you want to be cool for the future of your children and grandchildren, if you are not indifferent about friends of your children, with whom they sitat desk, if you are against drugs, alcoholism and crime sweeping our lives – then bring your children and grandchildren in the summer camp at the mosque».

In 2011 muftiat of Mari El in close cooperation with the National Tatar cultural center held its first children Sabantuy. Fighting kuresh, games, amateur, batyrs gifts - everything was as in adults. Everybody was satisfied – parents and especially children. It was decided to continue this tradition.

Every summer, people of Mari-El, as many Muslims from all over our country, go on a journey to the homeland of Russian Islam - Great Bulgars. Go to great repentance - Tauba. Muslims of the Republic of Mari El thank Supreme Mufti TalgatSafaTajuddin for this revival of the tradition. Unfortunately, in recent times supporters of radical Islamare increasingly activein the region. The process of involving citizens of the republic in the structure of «parallel» Islam, as an alternative to traditional Islam, trying in all ways to split a single Muslim community of Mari El. Wahhabi preachers come from the neighboring Republic of Tatarstan, who were officially recognized by the Muslim Spiritual Board of Republic of Tatarstan as radical. Most "fascinating" area for them is Paranginskij particularly d.Alashayka.

«And if Allah did not reflect some people (whoare evil in their doings) by the other (whoare kind of their deeds), it would have been pulled down monasteries, churches, synagogues and mosques in which the name of God is commemorated in full. Allah truly help those who serve him the truth «(Quran 22:40). Alhamdulillah! For more than 10 years, the Muslim community of the republic, headed by Mufti FanuzHazratSalimgareev, restrains radical forces and firmly follow the path of traditio nal Islam.

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