RMSB of the Samara region

RMSB of the Samara region

The decision to establish the Kuibyshev muhtasibat as the first centralized Muslim structure of the Samara region was taken onJanuary 5, 1991 at the plenum of Muslim Spiritual Board of European USSR and Siberia. Imam-khatib of the Samara mosque Yarullin Vagiz Letfullovich was appointed as imam-mukhtasib.

In autumn 1994, Kuibyshev (Samara muhtasibat) is transformed into the Regional Muslim Spiritual Board of the Samara region. MingachevGabdulakhatFoatovich former rector of the madrassas «Gali» became its first elected mufti.

In November 1994, VagizLetfullovichYarullin was elected as the Chairman of the Regional Muslim Spiritual Board of Samara region, he lead the Muslim region within the Russian CMSB.

July 1, 1999 was the second congress RMSB of Samara region.

November 28, 1999 was the grand opening of the Samara mosque. It was attended by Grand Mufti of Russia CMSB Shaykh al-Islam TalgatTajuddin, Samara Region Governor, distinguished guests from various regions of the Russian Federation.

November 20, 2004, was the third congress RMSB of the Samara region.

Currently, the RMSB of the Samara region, is a part of the Central Muslim Spiritual Board of Russia, muslims of the region profess traditional Sunni Islam of school of Imam Abu Hanifa.

RMSBof the Samara region is the central religious organization uniting on a voluntary basis the Muslim religious associations on the territory of the Samara region. RMSBgoverning bodies are:

Majlis (Congress);

The Presidency, the Mufti and Chairman of the Board (in one person);

Majlis (Congress) is convened at least once every five years;

The Bureau is a permanent body of RMSB in period between meetings of the Majlis and has full executive, the judiciary and the spiritual power.

It consists of six members and the Mufti.

Mufti is appointed by the chief mufti, Shaykh al-Islam TalgatSafaTajuddin.

San of Mufti is indefinite.

Currently, the structure of RMSB consists of three muhtasibats (Kamyshlinsky, Pohvistnevsky, Syzransky) run by imam-mukhtasibs; 83 local Muslim religious organizations run by mahalla Tips and Imam-Khatibs (Mullah).


RMSBS of the Samara region operates in accordance with the Charter of theRMSBof the Samara Region, adopted at the Congress of July 1, 1999, approved by the Chairman of the Russian CMSB, Supreme Mufti.

July 7, 2009 was held a regular IV Majlis (Congress) RMSB of the Samara region, which was attended by 160 delegates from 83 local Muslim religious organizations Mahalla included in the RMSB, as well as more than 100 people - guests from 12 regions of Russia, including top officials of government and Provincial Duma of the Samara region.

Majlis (Congress) took place in an atmosphere of constructive discussion of problems posed by the Congress and decided accordingly.

In accordance with the Charter of the Russian CMSBand the Charter of theRMSBof the Samara region, protocol of enlarged plenum of the CMSB of Russia from July 6, 2012, by the Decree № 08-12 of Grand Mufti and Chairman of Russian CMSBShaykh al-Islam TalgatSafaTadzhutddin:

1.VagizHazratYarullin released voluntarily by the Chairman RMSB Samara region.

2.VagizHazratYarullin appointed chief KaziCMSB of Russia with spiritual title «mufti».

3.Yarullin TalipVagizovich appointed Chairman of the
 RMSB of the Samara region in the spiritual title «mufti.»

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