RMSB of the Udmurt Republic

RMSB of the Udmurt Republic

Regional Muslim Spiritual Board of the Udmurt Republic was established in 1994. Mufti FaizHazratMuhamedshinis chairman of the RMSB today. Faiz Hazrat elected to the Community Council of the Udmurt Republic. Training courses on the basics of Islam and the Arabic script for all comers of the country are organized in Izhevsk mosque, mosques of other localities; annually studying of imams, for children in the summer holidays - Muslim educational and training camps are organized. In the period from 1994 to 2008, the number of Mahalla tripled. Agreement on cooperation between the Committee and RMSB gosnarcocontrol was signed. Under the Agreement, a number of measures are heldfor the prevention and promotion of healthy lifestyles, correctional education of convicts serving their sentences on articles related to drug use and drug trafficking.

An agreement between the Ministry of Internal Affairs and RMSB is signedon cooperation for the benefit of tolerance in society and prevent extremism. Clergy of RMSB conducts classes at training centers of MIA, conduct lectures in various police station SD.

Izhevsk muftiat and Nizhny Novgorod branch of the Police Academy signed an agreement on cooperation in the education of students. Lectures and excursions are held in Izhevsk mosque for those wishing to learn the basics of Islam, the history of formation and development of the RMSB of the UdmurtRepublic and the CMSB of the Russia as a whole,.

In the Republic there are mosques built before the Revolution, with its history and traditions. In 2004, the 210-year anniversary of the mosque in Votkinsk was widely celebrated, centenaries of mosques in Glazov and Balezino areas were also held. In the capital of the republic - the city of Izhevsk is building two mosques. RMSB of the Republicpublishes the newspaper «Muslim».

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