RMSB of the Kirov region

RMSB of the Kirov region

Regional Muslim Spiritual Board Kirov region was established on 4 July 1999. Mufti GaliullinZoufarShaydullovichbecame its Chairman.

The composition RMSB Kirov region includes 33 mosques (11 in Vyatskopolyansky area, 11 inMalmyzhsky area, 8 in Kilmezskiy area, 1 inUrzhumsky area, 1 at the Slobodskoy area, 1 in Kirov). Initial madrassas functions in VyatskiePolyany.

In 1996, the administration returned to the Muslim community the first floor of the building's historic Mosque (built in 1909) on the Trudstreet, 4 (Kirov). In 2000 it was decided to return to the spiritual board all the building.

RMSB of Kirov region concluded a cooperation agreement with the Government of Kirov region, UVDof the Kirov region, FPS of Russia in the Kirov region, the Office of the Federal Service for Drug Control in the Kirov region.

Key objectives: consolidation of all the Muslim communities of the region and the persistence of traditional religious law school, outreach, spiritual education.

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