RMSB of the Ulyanovsk region

RMSB of the Ulyanovsk region

Regional Muslim Spiritual Board of Ulyanovsk region was established in 1991. I the Ministry of Justice it has been registered as Muhtasibat for the Ulyanovsk region under the Spiritual Board of Muslims of the European part of the USSR and Siberia.

At that time Muhtasibatfor the Ulyanovsk region united under its command more than 70 Muslim religious organizations (mosques).

In 2001, in connection with the re-registration of DUMES in Central Spiritual Board of Muslims of Russia Muhtasibatof the Ulyanovsk region was renamed to the Regional Spiritual Board of Muslims of the Ulyanovsk region (Ulyanovsk Muftiat) comprising CMSB of Russia.

From 1991 to 2002 the control of the RMSB exercised Mufti HazratAunDeberdeev.

The chief imam-akhundIldar Haji SAFIULLIN became theChairman ofRMSB of Ulyanovsk region in 2012,he is carrying out the current management of the administrative and financial affairs ofRMSB of Ulyanovsk region. Chief kazySavbyanHazrat administers spiritual matters of RMSBof Ulyanovsk region.

Until 2002 RMSB operated in a complex of buildings on per.Banny d.1. Then Muftiatbegan to work on returning the religious property which was in the possession of state of the Ulyanovsk region. In 2006, the building on the street. Federation, 37, which was used as a religious until 1917, was transferred to the use of RMSBof Ulyanovsk region.

Through the efforts of the federal government, the administration of the Ulyanovsk region, municipal authorities, Rosselkhozbank, representatives of the business community and citizens once dilapidated building was restored. Now the building is fully operational as a house of worship, and the Ulyanovsk Muftiat located in a nearby building on the street. Federation, 35, is from the beginning of the 20th century was used as a madrasah and was also referred to the 2012 RMSB in property, for use in accordance with the statutory goals.

Currently RMSBof Ulyanovsk region of Russia unites and coordinates the activities of 110 local Muslim religious organizations in the region. Many mosques have more than a century history and included in the list of cultural heritage sites of religious significance. These mosques are in Dimitrovgrad, r.p.Starotimoshkino, s.Kalda, Ust-Kulatka.

Ulyanovsk Central Mosque can be called among the major Muslim centers of the Ulyanovsk region, Mosque number 108 of Dimitrovgrad, Mosque number 156, 352 of BolshoeChirkley, Mahalla "Dzhamig" r.p.StarayaKulatka etc.

4 Imam-Akhund and 8 imam muhtasibshelp Mufti of Ulyanovsk region in coordination mosques in Ulyanovsk Region. In the submission of imam mukhtasib includes Mahalla, usually one area, while the imam Akhund coordinates the work of one or more areas and imam muhtasibs.

Imam-Khatibs ofRMSB of Ulyanovsk region annually trained and raise the level of their professional knowledge at training courses in the madrassah "Bilyar" ofCMSB of Russia.

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