RMSB of the Sverdlovsk region

RMSB of the Sverdlovsk region

Regional Muslim Spiritual Board of Sverdlovsk region was formed in the spring of 1994 on the basis of Muhtasibatof Sverdlovsk regionof CMSB of Russia, established by decision of the Plenum of the Spiritual Board of Muslims of European Russia and Siberia, January 15, 1991

Spiritual Board unites 22 local religious organizations of Muslims. Most of the communities located in the central and northern parts of the Sverdlovsk region. Central office is located in the mosque «Ramazan» (Ekaterinburg, Dimitrova street, 15). Spiritual Boarddoes educational and charitable activities. Sunday schools (mektebe) for teaching children and adults the fundamentals of Islam and the Arabic language function in a number of mosques. Together with the Ural State Mining University students are taught in «Islamic theology» who after graduation work in schools, Muslim communities or municipal authorities.

RMSB of Sverdlovsk district provides charitable support and assistance to children from low-income families, the elderly, the disabled, refugees and other persons, for various reasons, find themselves in difficult situations. The Commission, acting under the Spiritual Administration, closely examining all incoming applications for assistance, and tries to provide support to all who need it. Children from orphanages, war veterans, home front workers, pensioners are visited by representatives of the Spiritual Board, brought gifts and food baskets, as they are regularly invited to visit the mosque «Ramazan», where they are guided tours and arranged tea.

Another important aspect of work ofRMSB is conducting educational activities for the various categories of the population - students, women, children; organizational and spiritual support of Muslim communities, operating away from Yekaterinburg; active participation in interfaith dialogue.

Many of the imams of the Spiritual Board are members of the public councils of the city administration in their municipalities were awarded state awards in teaching, constantly improve their professional skills in seminars for imams regularly conducted by RMSB of Sverdlovsk regionCMSBof Russia, some of themstudy in Islamic universities in Ufa and Kazan.

Over the years, a partnership established with the district, regional and municipal authorities, many of whom signed the «Agreement of Cooperation» and much had been done to strengthen the public morals of society and cure of serious social ills.

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